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Introducing Elev8 MTB!! We are excited for the new chapter we are beginning. Most of you are here because you were, or had a rider in one of our previous Transcend camps. They are still around, and still doing awesome things for hockey players and golfers and a bunch of other sports. It was their desire to create awesome spaces for athlete development that brought us here.

A few of the original MTB coaches decided to focus solely on the mountain bike aspect, what can we say its what we love most. We have been doing this for a few years now and have grown into a pretty cool place to learn, work and hang out. We have been supported by some of the most passionate coaches in the Edmonton area, it shows from our customer feedback.

We have changed a little about our organization but we plan to keep on providing the same level of training and development we have been focused on. looking forward to seeing you on the trails!!


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Tuesday April 30th classes

Unfortunately Mother Nature has other ideas for us tonight, we are postponing tonight’s sessions, both youth and Ladies/Girls we will try to reschedule in the next few weeks.


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